:: Arrange departure

If you have completed the ESP you can start the countdown for departure. You will leave your old life, your old planet and you will begin a new life on Mars. Because most likely you won't be coming back to Earth it is wise to sell everything: your house, your car, your furniture, etc. Having done so we will provide you with a temporary apartment and a rentalcar. You can use these the remaining time you're on Earth.

Things you need to keep in mind:
Get to know your Job. Talk with your new colleagues via SDRS.
2. Think about what you want to contribute to the Martian society.
3. Read the Martian Manifest multiple times, think about the questions.
4. Mars needs culture, so put some effort in your creative skills. Music, Photography, Painting, Poetry, etc.
5. A better society begins with yourself.
6. When you leave relatives and friends, try to end old feuds. Leave Earth with a clean slate.