:: Emigrating to Mars

If you are a European citizen and want to emigrate to Mars you have come to the right address. Earth Mars Travel is the official European Mars Emigration Office. But beware, before your actual voyage to Mars starts, a lot of things need to be taken care of. First you will have to fill in the online entry form to be able to enter the European Selection Procedure [ESP]. This programme lasts 6 months and costs €10.000. If you succesfully pass all the tests and if you have a clean record you can buy an Earth-Moon-Mars or Moon-Mars ticket. Because not every flight uses the same trajectory the costs vary. The 1st class trajectory can bring you to Mars in 30 days. The 2nd class trajectories take twice the amount of time. The costs are around €100.000 for 1st class and €50.000 for 2nd class.

During the months between ESP completion and departure you will probably experience, what some people call, 'leaving cradle disease', an illness where you come to realize that you are going to leave Earth, your cradle. It is a shocking experience and you best fight it by ignoring it, just focussing on your every day life. There is much work to be done in these last months before your flight: you will have to arrange your departure, perhaps sell your house, car, furniture, quit your job and last but not least, tell everybody you are going to Mars. Going to Mars means leaving Earth, most likely for always. Remember that.

Mars will be your new home and you will help, together with all the other Martian colonists, making Mars more like Earth. You can do this literally by helping the Martian Terraforming Effort or by bringing 'culture': Mars needs writers, artists, etcetera to give this beautiful planet its own identity. Maybe Mars ones becomes the Paris of the solarsystem, who knows?

Most people sell their house to pay the EMTraveller ticket. We understand however that not everybody is able to pay such a large amount of money. We have our expenses nevertheless and all the profit made is used to improve our spacetech. The people who cannot afford it are asked to be patient because the prices will go down. Spaceflight will become cheaper, that's an established fact. And don't forget, your ESP certificate is valid for 5 years and only asks for minor reexamination.

When the money is paid a place is arranged for you on the EMTraveller TIII spacecraft. Finally you leave Earth heading for a new world: Mars. There you will first land on Phobos at Ellis Rock, the immigration centre of Mars. Because of the strict European Selection Procedure the delay on Phobos won't take long. After Phobos you will land on Mars in Areopolis. There your job is waiting for you and your new life will start.