:: Frequently Asked Questions

Find here the most asked questions about Earth Mars Travel and Mars.

:: How old is Earth Mars Travel?

Earth Mars Travel was founded in 2041 so it is 11 years old.

:: How many people did you succesfully move to Mars?

We have had 2556 satisfied customers and only one casualty, who died of a heart attack on board of the EMTraveller in 2050.

:: What's next after the EMTraveller?

A new, faster ship is currently under development. Early testing on the Moon will start next year. This new ship will start using the Interplanetary Highway.

:: Will EMT ever start to transport non European passengers?

Because EMT is a subsidiary of the European Space Agency and because it's customers have completed the European Selection Procedure it is highly unlikely that non Europeans will ever be transported.

:: Why is Areopolis the only city on Mars?

Currently construction plans are being devised to create two more cities on Mars. No details on location, name and size have been issued by the Mars Authority.

:: When will Mars be like Earth?

The Martian Terraforming Effort is currently in progress. It will however take approximately 200 years before some notable effects will become apparent.