:: Introduction
Welcome to Earth Mars Travel.com. The online portal of Earth Mars Travel, the European Mars Emigration Office.

Earth is a beautiful place, but for how long? We cause overpopulation and polution. How can we ever repair the damage we have caused? Going to Mars will. Mars is a dead planet which can be transformed into a living, breathable home, like Earth. Making Mars habitable gives us the knowledge how to regulate on a planetary scale. Later we can use this knowledge to reform Earth itself.

Now comes your part. You can help, by going to Mars. Permanently. Doing so you are helping the International Population Regulation Programme [IPRP]. And consider this, you will be one of the first in exploring the new and final frontier, space. If you are qualified you will get a job on Mars, completely adapted to your abilities. Mars needs you and Earth needs you to leave.

This online portal has been prepared to allow you to find everything you need about going to Mars. From the European Selection Procedure [ESP] to the actual journey itself.

Finally we want to wish you succes if you decide to register for the ESP. We hope to bring you to Mars!

Good luck,