:: The Journey

The journey starts at Orly airport, Paris where a plane to French Guyana departs, arranged by EMT. In French Guyana your TII transport to the Moon already awaits. The TII transport is an Ariane rocket-ESA Shuttle combination.

On the Moon you have two days off in Lunapolis. Then it is time and you embark the EMTraveller for your journey. Liftoff you will never forget. You feel the power of the machine, the multiple g's, and the fast shrinking image of the Moon on the vidscreens on board. The EMTraveller is your new home for one to two months depending which class you fly.

Then, one or two months later you land on Phobos, the largest of the two Mars moons, at Ellis Rock. Ellis Rock is used as an immigration center like Ellis island was in the 20th century. Here you have to wait until you get a clearence and receive your new passport. Now you are a Martian citizen.

A Mars Shuttle brings you to the surface, to Areopolis, the largest and, for now, the only city on Mars. There you can stay for some weeks, to adapt to this new world, to the gravity, the smaller horizon, the 40 minutes longer days, etc. Some time later you go off to your new job, maybe working in a mine as an engineer or working for the Martian Authority in Areopolis.

:: EMT Travel Insurance
If something would happen during your journey to Mars we offer you the EMT Travel Insurance. It costs €3.000 and contains insurance against Solar activity and travel delay. When radiation levels are getting too high you get a refund of €500 per rem exceeding the maximum dosis of 6 rem. Per day of travel delay you receive €100. On-flight accidents/injuries caused by EMTraveller malfunction or EMTraveller personel or in any way linked to EMT are always paid for by EMT, with or without you having the EMT Travel Insurance. However, if you have EMT Travel Insurance you will get extra compensation.