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Marta Melenski,
After staying for three days on Ellis Rock I boarded a Mars Shuttle. It brought me within an hour to the city Areopolis. This tented city is currently the only city on Mars. One huge sky scraper stands in the middle forming the spine of the tent system. I landed on a platform outside the city and I could see Areopolis in the distance. It was a truly beautiful sight. An elevator took me 100 meters below the surface to a big entrance hall. Here a personal transport shuttle was waiting with my luggage already inside. Earth Mars Travel had booked the Transit Hotel for me in the immigrant district and the shuttle was programmed to take me there. It entered a tunnel and five minutes later I was inside the tent. What struck me most was the fact that I couldn't see the tent material, it was transparent. It was like I was living on the surface of Mars, unprotected. It gave a familiar Terran feeling, but later when I did some sightseeing and went to the lookout point at the top of the big sky scraper I saw a red desert full of craters of all sorts and sizes. This was Mars indeed!