:: The European Selection Procedure
If you will ever experience Mars depends on your qualifications, your background, your IQ and EQ. In short, your whole personality will be under investigation. This investigation takes place during a period of 6 months [on average], called the European Selection Procedure [ESP]. It costs €10.000 per person, a price relatively low, because the ESP is subsidized by the European Union and commercial sponsorship.

The ESP is divided into seven parts:
Subscription on EMT online.


2. Your information is being checked with
interpol, security agencies, etc.
[ 1 week]
3. Getting-to-know-eachother interview.
[ 1 or 2 days]
4. Testing your physical health, diseases, etc.
[ 1 month]
5. Testing your mental health.
[ 1 month]
6. Extensive investigation of your background.
[ 2 or 3 months]
7. Job application [ 1 month]

:: Subscription on EMT online
It all starts here, on this website after we have received your subscription form. Be sure you have read the privacy statement of our company.

:: Your information is being checked with interpol, security agencies, etc
Here we check if you were ever convicted before. This is done very carefully, for example if you had a parking ticket in Hong Kong we will know. Parking tickets aren't the things which will keep you on Earth, but murder and rape of course are. If you did some things in the past you aren't proud of don't forget to check the 'former misconduct' box in the subscription form. This gives you the opportunity to come out with your deeds before we begin checking your information. Honesty is very important during the ESP, so for your own sake we advice you not to lie, or try to cover things up. If we find out, and we centainly will, then Mars is off limits for you.
But fortunately allmost all people we put on Mars proved to be good Martians. This means that being a European gives you a good reputation.

:: Getting-to-know-eachother interview
This is an interview by a psychologist who gives you certain questions which you are asked to answer. This is a widely used method in job interviews and it gives us a first insight into your character. Here you are also introduced to your personal guide, a person who will accompany you the whole procedure. Next to be a guide, he will be a coach, a supervisor and a friend.

:: Testing your physical health, diseases, etc
During one month you will get weightless training, stamina training, multiple-g training and a complete medical examination. Be sure to be in good health when you subscribe because any physical malfunction will be detected during this month. That would be a waste of money.

:: Testing your mental health
Your newly aquired physical health will be put to the test even more, but now we will test your mental endurance. Besides that you will again have to talk to phychologists and fill in questionaires.

:: Extensive investigation of your background
Be sure you exactly know what you are doing because here your background is investigated thoroughly. We will talk to your family, friends and colleagues, so inform them before you proceed with the ESP, because if relatives deside not to talk to us your emigration to Mars becomes very complicated.

:: Job application
Finally, when you have successfully passed all the tests we will help you in finding a job on Mars.

Possible job's on Mars:

Searching for valuable metals/water/salts

2. Engineering
Designing and modelling future infrastructure
3. Construction
Building cities, mining and research stations
4. Life support
Food, air and water regulation
5. Administration
Companies, Mars Science Institute or Martian Authority
6. Scientific
Areology, physics, bioengineering, philosophy/history
7. Social services Cleaning, maintenance, transportation

When you have successfully completed the ESP, the next step of your voyage will be arranging the departure.